Kids Dentistry in New Friends Colony

Almost everyone wants to have a shining pearly smile to get people attracted toward their smile. But such a smile cannot be achieved within an hour. Instead it comes from constant oral hygiene from the young age only. Every Parent aspires to give the best care to their young ones. However, majority of times they are unsure of the products that ought to be used for kids at different stages of their life.

Best Dentist in South Delhi passes a good dental care habit to children as an imperative facet of lessons. They did not encompass candy or snack restrictions, but gives oral hygiene tips to both the parent and children.

Dentist from Kids dentistry in New Friends Colony gives some oral health tips for the different phases of childhood:

Infant care (mainly 4 to 24 months) :

This is the phase when the gums of an infant starts to develop, thus, the gums of infants ought to be cleaned with a soft piece of cloth after every feeding. . When the first tooth of your toddler appears, assure that you employ a soft bristled brush for babies and make him brush for two minutes at least twice a day. Once you built a habit of brushing twice a day at childhood, it will be followed for whole of his life.

Dental care for 2-4 year old babies:

Having tooth decay among this age of childhood is very common. Little ones of this age bracket can use fluoride toothpastes for systematic meticulous cleaning. Kids are a bit reluctant about brushing, so choose flavored toothpaste which your child loves to apply and clean his teeth.

Tending for 5-7 years old young ones:

In this age, kids generally lose some of their teeth and begin to build up their permanent molars. Sometimes, kids with this age faces pain during the loss of their teeth, in such case you can visit the best Dentist in South Delhi and relief your child from pain.

Children over 8 years:

Children are more susceptible to tooth decay after this age as they are loaded with treats, candies and sugary drinks. Their teeth demand extra care at this stage of their life. Kids dentistry in New Friends Colony suggests to have the criss- cross bristled brush having power tip to effectively reach mouth corners ought to be used

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