Gum Graft Surgery

Uncovered tooth roots are the consequence of gum subsidence. Gum unite surgery will repair the imperfection and keep extra subsidence and bone loss.

Gum grafts can be utilized to cover roots or create gum tissue where missing because of unnecessary gingival retreat. Amid gum join surgery, your periodontist takes gum tissue from your sense of taste or another benefactor source to cover the uncovered root. This should be possible for one tooth or a few teeth to even your gum line and decrease affectability.

What are the benefits of gum graft surgery?

A gum graft can lessen advance retreat and bone root. At times, it can cover presented roots to shield them from rot. This may lessen tooth affectability and enhance style of your grin. Whether you have a gum unite to enhance capacity or feel, patients regularly get the advantages of both: a wonderful new grin and enhanced periodontal wellbeing – your keys to grinning, eating and talking with solace and certainty.